Beardy’s & Okemasis’ values protection of the land and natural environment by providing a clean and aesthetically appealing¬†community for its members. The community is committed to protecting natural water sources, preventing potential floods, providing high quality drinking water, and adapting to climate change. By investing in clean energy options for the community, the notion will further¬†progress this vision.¬†

Community Goals

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    • Respecting our environment


  • Create and implement environmental policies to preserve land
  • Address trash and litter in the community
  • Address the use of herbicides and pesticides used on farm lands
  • Ensure quality of natural water resources are maintained by preventing waste from entering water streams
  • Protect and preserve culturally significant lands
  • Ensure the Traditional Land Use Study is kept up to date and available to members




    • Ensure sustainable land management



  • Inform and educate members on how land lease revenues are utilized
  • Develop policies and plans for effective land management
  • Effectively implement lands policy
  • Develop a lands acquisition strategy to inform purchasing decisions
  • Research and review benefits of implementing a First Nation Lands Management Act
  • Research and review benefits of implementing a First Nations Oil and Gas Moneys Management Act
  • Develop a shortfall acres plan




Treaty Land Entitlement Acres Added

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Treaty Land Entitlement Acres Left Remaining

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Number of Active Leases/Permits/COP (2016)

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of respondents are aware of environmental concerns in the community

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of respondents are aware of traditional or cultural sites that need to be protected in the community

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of respondents have concerns pertaining to land use in the community

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of respondents agree that the community should pursue land development opportunities in the future

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