It is recognized that there is an association with housing as a sense of belonging to the community. Housing also establishes a connection to the community and a willingness¬†to stay on the traditional lands. By caring for existing homes and the provision of new quality homes, as well as providing options for youth and elders, Beardy’s & Okemasis’ values housing as a vital part of the community.¬†

Community Goals

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    • Respond to housing needs


  • Continually evaluate housing needs in the community
  • Continually update and adapt housing policy to reflect the changing needs in the community
  • Complete a housing needs assessment
  • Develop a task force to implement the housing plan
  • Update tenancy agreements
  • Review and update housing policy
  • Establish a housing authority
  • Provide a range of choice in housing options to meet the needs of members (i.e. single unit, multi-unit, apartment style homes)
  • Research and consider the creation of a program for subsidized housing for urban members to provide more affordable options
  • Develop housing specifically for Elders in the community (i.e. Seniors Village)
  • Explore opportunities for home ownership
  • Explore new and innovative solutions to provide more housing in the community
  • Provide information and training to members on home maintenance and repairs



    • Maintaining current housing stock


  • Ensure homes are maintained properly through regular maintenance and renovations where needed
  • Identify and remediate issues with mold in homes
  • Provide home maintenance training
  • Ensure homes are inspected regularly and renovated accordingly




Number of houses that are overcrowded (2018)

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Number of Elders that are in need of housing (2018)

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Percentage of Homes in Adequate Conditions (2016)

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Number of homes that have mold in their homes

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Number of homes that need water delivered to Cisterns (2019/2020)

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Number of homes that are in need of renovations (2019/2020)

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Number of people that will be receiving renovations (2019/2020)

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Of off-reserve respondents would move back to the reserve if there was housing available

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of off-reserve respondents had lived on-reserve at some point in their lives

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of on-reserve respondents are interested in having the opportunity to own their own home in the community

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Number of people that have applied for Housing (2019/2020)

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Number of people that have been approved for Housing (2019)

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On- Reserve Population in Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation (2020)

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Number of houses in Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation

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