We, the Beardy’s & Okemasis’ Cree Nation have the inherent right to govern ourselves according to our customs, traditions and natural law of the nehiyawak. We declare these our truths. 

With the teachings of our elders in our hearts and minds. We will conduct ourselves in a positive manner. We will maintain a good path with the next seven generations always in mind, so they carry on in such a way that our inherent rights remain protected. 

Community Goals

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Create the framework to become a self-governing Nation


  • Decolonize community governance structures and continually engage with member to understand how they would like governance to be structured
  • Support the youth and Elder advisory councils
  • Support and develop the community committee system
  • Develop the following legislation: Environmental Management, Financial Management and Land and Environmental Law




Election Turn-out, Percentage of Eligible Voters (2014)

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Number of People Attending Governance Information Meetings


Number of People Who Vote During Community Referendum 2017

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Number of Governance Meetings (2016)