Beardy’s & Okemasis’ values self sufficiency through tangible economic development enterprises, employment initiatives, training and education opportunities for its members. Economic Development will be driven by investing in the future of Beardy’s & Okemasis’ people by providing opportunities for further education and skills development at all stages of life from youth to elders. By investing in the community and developing clean energy options Beardy’s & Okemasis will further progress this vision. 

Community Goals

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Increase the community’s own source revenue

  • Invest in commercial enterprises that will provide the community with source revenue and provide services for community members
  • Establish partnerships to support economic development initiatives
  • Invest in regional tourism
  • Redevelop Blackhawks Gas
  • Attract investment in advertisement space on community land (i.e. billboards)
  • Research the feasibility of a community funeral home
  • Ensure the recommendations from the communities Economic Leakage Study are implemented



Support the development of skills and employment readiness of members


  • Attract and develop businesses that will provide opportunities for local employment for members living in the community and those who would like to move back
  • Support entrepreneurs and provide job readiness support
  • Take stock and direct members to take advantage of regional skills development opportunities
  • Support the further development of the community’s training centre in Duck Lake




Income Assistance Dependency Rate (2016)

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Employment Rate (2016)

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Employment Growth (2001-2011)

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Individuals Employed Full-Time (2010)

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Average Employment Income (2015)

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of respondents indicated they are comfortable with resource exploration and extraction on community owned lands

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of respondents are in favour of both community and privately-owned businesses in the community

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